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I am creating a custom UI5 application, conntected to oData service. I am using smarttable(“ResponsiveTable”) with smartuserbar. When I am using responsive table, I am able to group a data, but I am not able to select an index from the table, because of table inside of smarttable, as you can see below:

This is my XML view:

<smartTable:SmartTable id=”smartTable” class=”smartTableContainer” entitySet=”Products” smartFilterId=”smartFilterBar” header=”Products”
tableType=”ResponsiveTable” useTablePersonalisation=”true” useVariantManagement=”true” showVariantManagement=”true”
persistencyKey=”UniqueAndStablePersistencyKeyTable” showRowCount=”true” initialise=”onSmartTableInit” height=”100%”
enableAutoBinding=”true” beforeRebindTable=”onBeforeRebindTable”>

<uiTable:Table id=”uitable” class=”sapUiSizeCompact” visibleRowCountMode=”Auto”></uiTable:Table>


I completely don’t what to do with that. For example when I remove table from my smartTable grouping works, but with that table is not. It required to select index.


My idea is to put to each column checkbox via jQuery, but I am not sure if it’s a correct approach.

Could you please help?


Thanks a lot!


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