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7 years ago, together with friends i create the first native ios apps, what is the best way for redesign regarding the new sap-ios look and feel


The Independent Mobile HCM Portal, by trust@soft

The Idea.
1. Have not a copy of the traditional HCM Employee and Manager Self-services ESS/MSS. Creating easy and people centric apps, which are useful to do it with smart phones.
2. Use and work with very easy and people centric apps, without any keyboard, but with touching, moving, shaking and talking , based on colors, pictures, camera and GPS if needed and useful.
The Way.
3. Developing of a frontend Prototype for a small, but effective scenarios for iPhone, iPod and iPad, deliver this app to tester, going on with the architecture of the unique SOA interface.
4. Developing SOA access to the SAP Web Application Server via SAP’s Standard Web services.
5. Looking for Partner, Pilots and Investors. Direct delivering to the clients.
6. Going on with other apps, other smart phones and other backend software.
7. Going on with asynchrony, if needed.
The Apps.
8. TEAM WORK: Leave Request, Team View/Play, Approvals ( e.g. Absences, Attendances, Requests, Orders, Invoices)
9. TIME MANAGEMENT : Clock in/Clock out, Time Correction, Time Statement, Timesheet, Personnel Planning
10. PAYROLL: Simulation, Pay slip, Net pay
11. TALENT MANAGEMENT : Recruitment, Appraisal, Update Skills/Education, Talent Search by Web 2.0 & Related Links
12. TRAVEL MANAGEMENT : Travel Request, Travel Planning, Travel Expenses & Related Links
13. REPORTING : Selection of needed Reports, Reporting Tool, Integration to BI
14. COMMUNITIES: Related Links e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook etc.
15. LEISURE: Related Links e.g. Sports, Travel, Events etc.

The current Prototype.
Has access to a SAP Web Application Server and includes Leave Request, Approvals & Team View!


User Experience Evangelist

Hi Volker,

It looks like you are well on your way into the redesign process. I’m sure you have already checked out the SAP Fiori iOS guidelines, correct? Could you be a little more specific about what your question is?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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