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As an end-user of SAP I’ve worked with several large organizations and I’ve noticed a trend with the SAP’s UI for “Employee Express” (employee HR/info, etc). The UI has been and still is very un-user friendly. The design is horrible. Some components load half the time. It’s not cross-browser functional. I’ve had staff complain about these issues to the SAP reps, however the reps can’t do anything as they aren’t in control of the design even though they may provide feedback.

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Hi AJ,

Thank you for your feedback. I’m very sorry to hear that you are experiencing such trouble with the UI.

Over the last several years, SAP has renewed its focus on user experience. We now deliver new and renewed applications, for which there was a big focus on the UI. (In case you haven’t already read about SAP’s UX strategy, you can do so here: In addition, we deliver a set of enablement tools which allows customers to adjust the UI to their specific needs. This includes adjustment of the content, things such as input fields and the layout of the screen as well as visual adjustment to match the colors, etc. to specific needs or tastes.

That said, I actually do not know “Employee Express” and I am not sure whether it is an SAP standard product. Do you know if it is a custom-built solution?

I ask this because I recently talked to a customer who was also unhappy with the SAP UIs. When we asked him how many screens they had as SAP standard and how many are custom built, he answered that 80% were custom built – and still this was perceived as bad UIs from SAP. I’m not sure if this is so in your case, but it might be worth looking into.

In every development process and implementation project it is always key to understand the user and their needs before rolling it out the end users. SAP actually offers help on this through our design service team: or

Best regards

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