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What are your favorite user experience References?

I’ll start with IFTTT as a website and service:

Simple, easy, empowering and delightful.  Great use of white spaces.  When I need to use the functions on the site, I am quickly in & quickly out with minimal navigation thinking. —  I feel good afterward.

That’s what I call good UX.

Your turn. What’s good ref. for you?

User Experience Design Expert

For me,
UX is not only about functions. Specially if it is about products, there should also emotion in the game. For this, I like the Nespresso Limited edition webpage (also tecnically well done).


Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 13.13.42

Building on Ben’s post, I want to add Pocket as a tool/service.

For me, it is the leading tool to store links of any kind. It has cross-browser and cross-device support.
With a few clicks, you save a link and can consume the extracted content at a later point.

With its search, it saved me valuable time remember things.

Thanks Thomas for bringing up emotion in Nespresso’s mix of  “emotion” + “technical quality” as memorable UX.

Thanks Lars for bringing up Pocket – I agree with your “pleasantly time-saving” experience, especially when it comes to Pocket Chrome Extension.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 15.33.19



I can’t help but contribute Eventifier’s charming “sign-up follow-up” experience I just received in my inbox.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 15.17.13

Clever, Short. Personal.

Clever because it made me feel like I joined a person community (while reminding me of the actual service I joined, and giving me a named contact person, who sounds friendly – even though I regard it as a canned message).

Just seeing those words “Nice to see you here” must be a mental hack — I’m programmed to feel appreciated when I see a phrase like that.

It made me feel glad… perhaps more glad than I think I should feel when I sign up for something.



Sonos products in general,

from setup to app design to sound quality. It is simple, delightful,  and easy to use in every way.



Creative Director / User Experience Design Expert
hybris GmbH, Walldorf

User experience References? Well , I put my reply in two parts …

1st – Design references

Running out of ideas and browse the net for new inspiring art is something what happens to all of us from time to time. And learning from the great work available online is an important part of the designer’s and developer’s research. I like to mention two of my best and most popular inspiration resources:

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine — For Professional Web Designers and Developers

Smashing Magazine, one of the most popular blogs about design and development, is divided in categories with well-written articles and great showcases. It also offers useful sections especially for Photoshop tips, coding, WordPress, mobile design etc.

btw. it’s worth to have a look of the responsive design of the Smashing Magazine itself




FWA   Favourite Website Awards

The FWA, abbreviation from Favourite Website Awards, is a gallery that gives awards for best websites. They present awards for the best site of the day, site of the month and site of the year. The even have a gallery called “Hall of fame” – a showcase for the best of their best.



2nd – UX references and templates

Information Architecture Institute’s Tools

The Information Architecture Institute’s Tools project aims to disseminate new IA tools from the community in order to learn from each other. You will find document templates, process map posters and other tools to help you in your practice. The documents have been donated by the IAI community,





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