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Hi .. I am new to this community .

We are facing a strange issue in our FioriLanchpad.

There is an Analytical app(Analyse Credit Expore) which is added in the group and included in the role. When We do this app comes as Cannot load tile after trying to load for sometime. When we open from Home page and reset or go to App finder app works totally fine..

The Tile also gets loaded when we add another group in the role with some analytical tiles in it. as that group had more tiles in it we tried to create a dummy group only with above tile in it and added to same role/user. And Bang! the tile gets loaded in our original group without any delay and the tile from home page(FLP landing page) in dummy group doesn’t work (may be due to missing targt mapping- haven’t tested)  .

I am an authorization consultant and do not know what could be the issue with UX.

Help from experts in this community is highly appreciated .

Thank you .


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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