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Tools like SAP Web IDE and Smart Templates provide a lot of standardization. Nevertheless there will be many spezialized UIs. So my question is whether there are Tools for automated checks of Apps against the styleguide?

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Hi Thomas,

so far, we didn’t invest much into defining check rules. Instead, we have established a very powerful but flexible design process — we call the “Design-Led Development” — where we make use of iterative expert reviews to identify design issues. Also we have established a hierarchy of responsibilities to consolidate designs within and across areas. Also, we have created a very comprehensive and detailed Design Guidelines that helps designers to learn and follow the standard (including design templates etc.).

Why so? Well, primarily to avoid the Fiori design language to become inflexible at such an early stage. In earlier versions of design languages, we often began with standardization very early on to ensure a very high level of consistency. The downside of that approach was that such rules are incredibly hard to change once they are established and implemented in tools and code. A rigid design framework can’t support user requirements and we start to create work-arounds. The evolution of the design language slows down and at some point comes to halt. Fiori is still a young design language and we still have so many plans. We don’t want to stop innovating our design.

Also, such check rules are both limited in the scope you can apply them and expensive to implement and maintain. Check rules can be used to check rather simple “grammatical” aspects of the UI such as order of buttons in toolbars, maybe layouts, but then?

As you rightfully mention: for us, the smart controls and the Fiori Elements (aka Smart Templates) are our vehicle to deliver building blocks that are consistent in itself and that can evolve consistently with the design language. These come as the low-TCD and low-TCO version and as alternative to highly crafted and specialized applications. Eventually, the portion of applications built on such Fiori Elements will grow up to 80% once we have reached a certain maturity and scope. As Fiori Elements rely on meta data, these Elements will bring their own rules, which will further be available to other tools like run-time adaptation to ensure the plausibility of adaptations (i.e. that the user only drags form fields into a form and not elsewhere).

If it comes to tools like Splash and Build we might offer such check rules for the design time.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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