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Dear All

We have implemented S/4HANA 1709 FPS2 with Fiori Launchpad.

Our FLPs are Fiori 2.0

However for certain necessity(custom app), we have used CDN which will resulted Fiori 3.0 Launchpads for certain roles.

For our costumer we have designed custom theme for Fiori Launchpad via UI Theme Designer.

Our custom theme works perfectly at FLP 2.0 versions; however it is unstable and emerging errors at Fiori 3.0 Launchpads.

Our query is to set a custom theme for FLP 3.0. When trying to create one form UI theme designer

We do not prefer to downgrade CDN version for this reason so our main question is;

Is it possible to have one theme for both Fiori 2.0 and Fiori 3.0?


There are one OSS note which seems related but can be applied to previous versions


Relevant OSS Note for previous versions


Thank you for your help



Dear Ege,

Custom themes based on “SAP Belize” can be used for Fiori 2 and Fiori 3 applications. However, there is the restriction for SAPUI5 that the custom theme has to be build (“Save & Build” / “Rebuild” function in UI theme designer) for the exact the same version that the SAPUI5 applications use. When all SAPUI5 applications a colocated with the UI theme designer on the same system and the theme has been “Rebuild” after the latest SAPUI5 update that is given.

Best regards,
Uwe Klinger

Product Owner
UI Theme Designer

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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