UX Is Not UI: What Is the Difference between UX and UI Design?

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UX has been a buzzword that bounces around the design world, endorsed and adopted by designers anddevelopers. In many cases, highly respected developers who claim to be talking about ”UX” in a product demonstration are in fact showing a large number of UI features. I doubt much that the vague definition may account for this kind of misunderstanding. We’ve heard of UI (User interface) and UX (User Experience). When you build an App or a website with prototyping tool, we will talk about both. If UX is not UI, What is the exact difference?

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It’s a funny phenomenon tht developers often talk about concepts, meaning only the part they actually build. For instance, they often talk about a “user” meaning just their ID and, maybe, authorizations. I’ve had systems telling my that I don’t exist, merely because I didn’t have an ID and authorization registered in that system.

Wrt UI/UX, I see it very simple: a user is having an experience when using a user interface.  The UI is merely the part that gets built. In fact the experience when viewing a demo is something quite different from that actually using a UI, so a “UX demo” is inherently nonsense.

It might sound strange but, to some extent, UX requires more creativity than UI. They’re in charge of creating an app concept from scratch. In its turn, the UI designer only has to work out the visible part of the application on the basis of a ready-made wireframe.
In order to create an effective experience, UX designers should study and analyze the behavior of potential users. In the meantime, a UI designer usually works according to the requirements provided by a customer.
UX designers are mainly responsible for scenarios and tasks flows, and UI designers – for colors and typography. UX touches on human-centered design, UI – with visual design. UX lies at the root of doing research, outlining wireframes, and making prototypes. UI stands for creating layouts, composing graphics, and building mockups.
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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