When attempting to export to Excel using XXL format, Excel doesnt open.

Discussion Forum Design & UX When attempting to export to Excel using XXL format, Excel doesnt open.
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Hi Guys

I’ve seen a few posts in this area but nothing specific to what i currently have with a  user.

The user was on SAP GUI 730. Excel was updated to office 365 about 3 months ago and everything has been fine but then suddenly they are getting ‘Save XXL list object in SAPoffice’ message.

Now with checking on here and other places it suggests that excel wasnt installed properly or the latest SAP GUI/patch is required. Thats fair enough if it was a new install but the export option had been working fine.

I updated SAP to GUI 750. It made no difference. I then added in the registry keys to show where Excel was. The Save XXL list was no longer present and the download options box is now showing. It allows you to select XXL and then it asks if you want a table or pivot and then the excel box shows. However when you say ok, Excel just doesnt open.

It is not user specific as the user can use a different PC and if i log on to theirs I get the same issue.

Could it be related to some windows update? Would that have caused any issues with excel? I’ve no idea why the registry keys were missing as neither SAP or Excel had changed since a few months back. Thats the reason im thinking windows update. Would re-installing Excel make any odds?

Any help appreciated.


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