Which upcoming technology trends do you think will improve ‘User Experience’?

Discussion Forum Trends Which upcoming technology trends do you think will improve ‘User Experience’?
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Maybe because I am coming more from the technology side – but for us it is always really interesting to learn about upcoming technology trends or aproaches. Of course not all innovation does really make the live of an end-user also easier…

So do you e.g. think that augmented reality (like the famous Google Glass) or wearable devices / watches will massively change the way we interact with software? Will a closer linkage between Social Media and Business Software have an impact?

Which other trends / technologies do you think will have an impact?

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I do think wearable devices will massively change the way we interact with technology. I love this future vision video from Nokia from 2009 (!) which sketches a wearable device that morphs depending on the needs and desires of the wearer:


And now, 5 years down the road, we have neat little Smartwatches, but I am going to hold out for a Morph : )

Regarding Google Glass, here is a link to one of the blog entries that most made me think critically about this technology when it first came out: The Google Glass feature no one is talking about. It was also the first time I ever heard the term “glasshole.”

But to turn the discussion a little bit, I honestly don’t see voice recognition technology widely replacing other kinds of input devices. Do you? Can you imagine how noisy and annoying the world would be if all of us were murmuring into our devices all day long? Not to mention a strain on our vocal cords. Typing on a keyboard is inconvenient for many reasons, but it does have its advantages (e.g. it is relatively quiet, private and, if you are good, very fast). I think we will have to come up with other ways to transform our thoughts into digital form. Here is a very nice TED talk by an interaction designer named James Patten, who “imagines a more visceral, physical way to bring your thoughts and ideas to life in the digital world, taking the computer interface off the screen and putting it into your hands.”


As a GGlass owner (Explorer is the current term) I can say that there’s a lot of promise to the device. The funny thing is the worry about being videoed or image captured is minimal as Glass owners are aware of the amount of limited battery power the device has and are somewhat reluctant to randomly use the camera feature.

One thing that will make this device much better as an experience (beyond a better battery) is allowing the user to minimize the heads-up display, maybe by sliding it forward to reduce the “I’m walking w a camera sticking in my face” effect. The chime that notifies you of a msg or event could be enough of a signal to allow you to retract the screen, and, if you wanted, you could always leave it open and in front.


I think that Swift is one to watch.

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Hi Helen,

Thanks for pointing to Swift. Do you have personal experience using this technology? Why do you think it is particularly promising?


I just found an interesting interview about the thinking process on how to come up with a new design paradigma at Google for Android / Wear, the Google L:





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Interesting. Thanks, Martin! Reminded me of this video of MIT’s real 3D dynamic shape display (not just a simulation of dimensionality) called inFORM:

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