Updated: November 30, 2022

Navigating the Guidelines


Once you’re ready to take a more in-depth look at the SAP Fiori web design guidelines, you’ll want to get acquainted with our navigation structure (visible on the left of the screen, or by clicking the   icon on the top left).

The guidelines cover a large number of topics, which are divided into different categories. The sections below summarize what you can expect to find under each category. Since we only mention the most important articles, be sure to check the navigation structure for a complete overview.

SAP Fiori Design System

What is SAP Fiori?

Learn about the new user experience for SAP software.

Design Principles

Learn about the five core principles that underpin the SAP Fiori design philosophy.

Design-Led Development Process

Get to know the SAP Fiori design-led development process and the key milestones and activities.


SAP Fiori apps work on various devices. Check out SAP Fiori's focus on responsive and adaptive design.

Accessibility in SAP Fiori

Learn how SAP Fiori supports you in designing accessible products.

Look, Feel, and Wording


SAP Fiori user interfaces are constructed using SAPUI5 control sets that are meticulously styled with CSS.


Get to know the SAP Fiori color palette, including colors for different semantic states, such as 'critical' or 'positive'.


Learn about the visual design of SAP icons and access SAP icon font files and related resources.

Motion Design

Learn about the different motion design principles, such as duration and direction, and their choreography.

UI Texts

Check out our conventions for UX writing, including which words to use for actions and how to write message texts.

SAP Fiori Launchpad

Overview Launchpad

The SAP Fiori launchpad is the main entry point to SAP Fiori apps on mobile and desktop devices.

Home Page / Spaces

The SAP Fiori Launchpad is available in two flavors – the home page or the spaces. Apps are represented by tiles of various sizes.

Shell Bar

The shell bar on top is always visible and hosts a logo, navigation options, enterprise search, notifications, and other services.

General Patterns

Action Placement

Get to know where actions can be placed (typically in toolbars), and how to order and style them.

Draft Handling

Learn about the draft handling concept for SAP Fiori, including auto-save, locking, and preventing data loss.

Intelligent Systems

Find out about the different design patterns for intelligent business systems and machine learning: explanations, matching, ranking, recommendations, situation handling, and user feedback.

Message Handling

Learn about common messaging patterns and the message components they use.


Navigation in SAP Fiori follows the standard navigation paradigms of various web applications.

Object Handling

Find out about the different interaction flows for objects, including create, edit, and delete.

Layouts and Floorplans

Page Layouts

Get to know the two basic page layouts used for most app designs, and check out other layout options.


Explore the predefined page layouts for specific use cases, known as 'floorplans' in SAP Fiori.

UI Elements

'Explore' Page

Get an overview of all the UI elements available in SAP Fiori.

Learn More

To learn more, check out the UI Elements category in the navigation menu on the left.


SAP Fiori Elements Framework

Learn about the technical capabilities and design options for apps developed with the SAP Fiori elements framework. Predefined templates are available for the most common floorplans.

Analytical Frameworks

Get insights into the analytical frameworks used by SAP Fiori.

Designer Toolkit

Design Stencils

Download the design stencils and start designing your own SAP Fiori app.

SAP Icon Font

Download and install the SAP icon font to create true-to-life mockups.

SAP Fiori Community

Ask questions on SAP Fiori design and share your design ideas in our SAP Fiori community.