Table Control Table Control

Functions of the Table Control

Included Functions


  • Insertion of selection column and display of selection state (highlighting)
  • Selection functions:
    • Select/Deselect cell
    • Select/Deselect row/column
    • Select/Deselect All


  • Scroll functions (horizontal and vertical) accessible via the table scrollbars and via scroll buttons
  • Hiding of the vertical scrollbar at runtime, when the visible data area is smaller than the visible table area
  • Resizing (vertical)
  • Static and/or dynamic resizing of table columns

Operations on Data Columns

  • Column width can be manipulated directly (the column width is stored independently of the field width)
  • Fixation and display of an arbitrary number of key columns
  • Moving columns via drag and drop
  • Dynamic hiding of columns by the task

User Preferences

  • Storing and retrieving of user preferences for the column layout
  • Disabling (at design time) and thus deactivating (at runtime) the customize pushbutton
  • Display
  • Displaying column headings as pushbuttons (feature also settable at runtime)
  • Optional display of horizontal and vertical separator lines in the table body
  • Displayable Field Types
  • Assigning attributes to any cell at runtime
  • In the table body you can use the following controls: scrollable I/O fields, vertical and horizontal radio buttons, checkboxes

Not Available or Delayed Functions

  • Using pushbuttons in the table body
  • Muli-line display, especially for text fields
  • Pushbuttons for multi-line headings
  • Joint columns (i.e. jointly movable columns)
  • Ruler (for rows)
  • Selecting any number of cells (e.g., not contiguous selections)
  • Local display of entry number and current row number
  • Pushbuttons for selections that can be filled with text and icons by the task
  • Horizontal resizing of the table control

Functions to be Implemented by the Developer

  • Inserting blank lines between already filled rows (at the end of the data rows blank lines are inserted automatically)
  • Deleting and processing of selected objects
  • Calling detail information for selected objects
  • Other task-specific functions

Pushbuttons for Self-Defined Functions

Arrange the above-mentioned functions as pushbuttons with no fixed position. Place them horizontally and left-aligned below the table control in the order:

  • Detail
  • Insert line(s)
  • Delete line(s)
  • other functions

Use the appropriate icons for these functions.

Alternatively, you may arrange these functions to the right of the table control, starting at the lower border of the table.

Do not position the general clipboard functions Cut, Copy, and Paste as pushbuttons at the table control. They are not limited to the table control, but effect all selected screen objects. Therefore, position them in the standard toolbar.


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Source:  SAP R/3 Style Guide