These downloadable Sketch files contain SAP Fiori for Android stencils for mobile as well as tablet. UI components and some examples of patterns are also included.

They are all in MDPI resolution so that you may scale them to the resolution of your choice.

To learn about Android resolutions and screen densities, please check out the Material Design guideline for layouts.

We also have the SAP 72 font files available to download for your convenience.

Check out the SAP Fiori Mentor app on the Google Play Store to preview and customize components, as well as view code snippets!


SAP Fiori for Android Stencils – Mobile

Uploaded on July 8, 2021

SAP Fiori for Android Stencils – Tablet

Uploaded on July 8, 2021


The Material Design icon library is available for downloading icons to use on SAP Fiori for Android applications.

Material Design Outlined Icons Library

72 Font

The 72 font download is made available under the Apache 2.0 license.

72 Font for Desktop

72 Font for Web

SAP Fiori Mentor

With the SAP Fiori Mentor mobile app for Android, you can access interactive documentation anywhere and anytime. This app, which is optimized for tablets, connects to the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android and allows developers to streamline the creation of SAP Fiori apps on Android, view live previews of all UI components, and change parameters to see the effect immediately.

SAP Fiori Mentor app on the Google Play Store