SAP Fiori for Android type system maps SAP’s 72 typeface to Material Design’s type hierarchy. This respects the established visual harmony of Material Design’s components while introducing SAP Fiori’s unique visual identity.

SAP Fiori for Android 72 type system
SAP Fiori for Android 72 type system

72 Typeface

SAP Fiori for Android uses SAP’s proprietary 72 typeface┬áto maintain consistency with other SAP products. In addition, the 72 typeface has been designed to meet the typographic requirements needed for the enterprise. 72 typeface adheres to the following principles:

  • Legibility enhancements: Optimized for screen use
  • Font styles: Supports a robust typographic hierarchy
  • Brand voice: Be credible and humane
  • Character set: Accommodate complex content
  • Language support: Supports the Windows Glyph List
  • Accessibility: Improved character recognition


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