A search involves the following: activating the search field, typing a search query, and displaying the search results. 

Persistent search on map
Persistent search on map


The search pattern is used to help users find information quickly within an app. Adding search suggestions provides them with past searches and search suggestions.

Behavior and Interaction

A search is shown as a persistent search or expandable search. It is usually accessed from the top-level user navigation and is used to find information that is buried deep within an app’s information architecture. 


When the user taps on the search icon, the text field activates, displaying the blinking cursor along with the keyboard and a search suggestion that shows under the search bar.


As the user types, search suggestions are further refined to reflect the user’s keyboard inputs.


When the user enters a query or selects one of the search suggestions, they are taken to the search results.

Expandable search flow
Expandable search flow

Search Suggestions

Display a list of search suggestions when the search bar is activated.

Past Searches

Before the user begins typing, a list of past searches displays on search suggestions.


As the user begins typing, the search suggestion dialog displays a list of possible suggested results based on what the user’s inputs.


Tapping on one of the suggestions navigates to that item detail. If the user taps on the back arrow, they are taken back to the default view.

Expandable search showing search suggestions
Expandable search showing search suggestions


Development: FioriSearchView

SAP Fiori for iOS: Search Bar

Material Design: Search

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