This article provides an overview of the topics that have been added or changed based on the controls available in the SAP BTP SDK for Android.


SAP BTP SDK for Android 5.0

June 26th, 2022

UI Components & Patterns


  • Updated component! We’ve added more button types for more flexibility.

Cards – Object Card & List Card

  • New components! The new cards section now has object and list card to provide critical information in a flexible container.


  • Updated component! Improved to show the selection in a consistent manner between single and multi selection.


  • Updated pattern! Enhanced to be consistent with multi-user onboarding and use the new text input fields.

Object Cell

  • Updated component! Supports additional content types for more flexibility and has consistency between the mobile and tablet version.


  • Updated component! Improved the slider input interaction and increased touch target area.


  • Updated component! Increased accessibility with better color contrast and added validation message.

Text Inputs

  • Updated component! Updated the visual design and it now supports leading icons that can clear a field, toggle the visibility of passwords, and more.


SAP Fiori for Android Stencils

  • We have updated the Figma stencils with new components and enhancements for this release.


SAP BTP SDK for Android 4.0

February 16th, 2022

Introducing SAP Fiori with Horizon Theme

We’re really excited to announce our new visual theme, Horizon! In this update, all of our foundations, components, patterns, and resources have been updated to reflect the Horizon theme. We’ll be releasing the full update in the near future so please be on the lookout! Meanwhile, we have updated every single page in the guidelines so take a look at the new style!

UI Components & Patterns

Data Table

  • Updated component! The data table tablet version has been enhanced to better match the updated mobile version with consistent columns, drop shadows, and scrolling behavior.


  • Updated pattern! Onboarding now supports passcode authentication with a checkbox to enable unlock with fingerprint.

Privacy Notice

  • New pattern! Privacy notice helps users understand and adjust privacy permissions.

Scatter Chart

  • New chart type! Scatter chart has been added to chart types.

Sort By Multiple Criteria

  • Updated pattern! Sort by multiple criteria now supports sort order to toggle between ascending and descending.


SAP Fiori for Android Stencils

  • To coincide with our new visual theme update, we have released Figma stencils with our new themes. It also includes all the new enhancements and new components/patterns for the SAP BTP SDK for Android 4.0 release.


SAP BTP SDK for Android 3.4

July 9th, 2021

UI Components & Patterns

Data Table

  • Updated component! The data table on mobile now supports more content to match with the tablet version.

Object Cell

  • Updated component! The object cell now supports multi-select mode.

Signature Form Cell

  • Updated component! The signature form cell has changed from an icon button to a text button for better UX.

Signature Capture Inline

  • Updated component! The signature capture inline now supports a cancel button.

Chart Overview

  • Updated pattern! Empty states are now supported in charts.

Donut Chart

  • New chart type! Donut chart is now part of the charts family.


  • Updated pattern! Onboarding has been updated to use the newest versions of form cells and it now includes a loading screen.


SAP Fiori for Android Stencils

  • We have updated the stencils with new patterns, and enhancements for this release.