Search is used to find and access content globally within an app or locally within any given screen. There are two variations of search, Persistent and Expandable search. The variation used is determined by its prominence within the app.


The type of search is determined by how prominent search is within the app.

Persistent Search

Persistent search is characterized as a highly visible and highly tappable search text field that is commonly found towards the top of the screen. Use persistent search if searching is the primary function of the app.

Expandable Search

Expandable search is presented as a magnifying icon in the App bar that, when tapped, discloses the search text field and any supplemental search controls. Use persistent search if searching is not the primary function of the app.


A. Icon Area

In the non-active state, the icon area can be interactive or non-interactive, depending on the app team’s needs. During the active state, the icon area becomes the primary form of navigation. 

B. Placeholder Text

The placeholder text should state the type of content that can be searched. Wording such as “Search for Tools” and “Search for Products” are good examples that help the user more confidently perform a search.

C. Scan

If the user taps on the scan icon, this triggers a full-screen dialog that displays the scan view. Users may scan a barcode or QR code to search an object quickly.

D. Voice

If the user taps on the voice icon, this triggers a modal dialog displaying the voice input. Users can use the device’s built-in microphone to pronounce their search.


Persistent Search

Expandable Search

Sample Element Alpha Hex
Background #FFFFFF
Navigation icon #6A6D70
Search placeholder text #6A6D70
Voice icon #6A6D70
Scan icon #6A6D70