Updated on June 30th, 2020

This article provides an overview of the topics that have been added or changed based on the controls available in the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android.



  • Updated article! We’ve added support for dark theme which is available in Android Q.

UI Components & Patterns

Filter Feedback Bar

  • New component! Filter feedback bar is a horizontal scroll area containing interactive chips that provides users quick access to filter controls.

Object Header

  • Updated component! Chart headers have been added to object header which gives a quick summary of a variable.

Signature Capture

  • New component! The signature capture allows users to input their signature by signing directly on the screen.


  • New component! The timeline displays a list of objects (tasks, events, or meetings) in chronological order.

Timeline Preview

  • New component! The timeline preview displays a snippet of the timeline, offering a high-level overview of what the overall project consists of.

Chart Types

  • Updated pattern! We’ve added the horizontal bar chart, which uses horizontal bars to express the value of a variable.

Sort By Multiple Criteria

  • New pattern! Sort by multiple criteria is an enhancement to sort features in sort and filter.


SAP Fiori for Android Stencils

  • We have updated the stencils with new components, patterns, and enhancements for this release, including dark theme floorplans, chart header, filter feedback bar, horizontal bar chart, signature capture, sort by multiple criteria, timeline, and timeline preview.