SAP Conversational User Experience Design (SAP CxD) is a design language for enterprise conversational products. It provides guidelines and tools for designing conversational products that integrate seamlessly across business applications.

While conversations between a consumer and Siri or Alexa are simple, conversations between a business user and an enterprise system is much more complex. SAP CxD enables business users to chat with an enterprise digital assistant to complete their tasks and shorten their business processes and workflows.

Consumer vs. Business Conversations

Interactions between consumers and non-enterprise digital assistants can sound very different from interactions with enterprise digital assistants. Here are examples of both types of interactions.

Consumer and non-enterprise digital assistant

User: “What’s the weather today?”

Digital Assistant: “Currently in San Jose, it’s 55 degrees Fahrenheit.”

User: “Play songs by Frank Sinatra.”

Digital Assistant: “Sure thing. Now playing ‘Summer Wind’…”

Business user and enterprise digital assistant

User: “What’s the average click-thru rate for email campaigns last month?”

Digital Assistant: “In January, your email campaigns had an average click-through rate of 4.5%.”

User: “When does the XYZ campaign end?”

Digital Assistant: XYZ campaign ends on Feb 28, 2019.”