Updated: June 11, 2018

Radial Micro Chart



The goal of the radial chart is to display a single percentage value. The chart consists of a colored radial bar with a percentage value inside.

The radial micro chart can be embedded into a table, list, tile, or header.

Different radial charts
Different radial charts


Use the radial micro chart if:

  • You want to display a single value in a table.
  • You want to show a percentage value; the proportion of the total is always calculated and displayed as a percentage.
  • You want to emphasize the visualization; the circular shape is more prominent.
  • You want to use colors from the chart color palettes.

Do not use the radial micro chart if:

  • You want to display a single value in the form of a fillable shape or group of shapes that describe their context. Use the status indicator instead.
  • You want to make it easier to compare better two or more values visually. Use the progress indicator instead.
  • You want to display custom values and not only percentages. Use the progress indicator instead.


See the Micro Chart overview article.


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