Updated: December 18, 2020

What’s New in Guideline Version 1.80


This article provides an overview of the updates to the SAP Fiori web design guidelines with guideline version 1.80.

General – Icon Updates

The following icon updates are being implemented across all standard SAP Fiori controls:

Remove/Close Icon

The Remove/Close icon has been updated to comply with SAP’s Product Standard for UX Consistency.

Message Icons

In response to user feedback, we have also updated some of the message icons.

During the transition, some controls/guidelines may not yet be showing the latest icons.

General Concepts

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Mass Editing

We recommend using specific texts wherever possible for the mass editing variants:

Mass Editing

Layouts, Floorplans, & Frameworks


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Dynamic Page Layout

Desktop-centric tables: A new developer hint was added for the property fitContent. Dynamic Page Layout


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Object Page Floorplan

Form Facet: Label-text pair was added.

Create and Edit Subobjects: New guidance on creating subobjects inline.

Forms: Information on how to use the UI.Importance annotation was added.

Object Page Floorplan

Tool Development

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Side Navigation

The article has been fully restructured for easier understanding. Side Navigation

UI Elements

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New feature added for showing the keyboard shortcut for an action. Button Shortcut


Label Placement section added. Label Placement

About Guideline Updates

With each new guideline version, we deliver two types of update:

  • Updates to reflect new or changed UI controls available with SAPUI5 versions 1.79 and 1.80.
  • Ongoing updates on how to best apply the SAP Fiori design (such as overarching concepts, floorplans, and additional decision support). These updates are introduced with a given guideline version, but are not necessarily dependent on a specific SAPUI5 version.

Note: Our policy is to update only the latest guideline version. If you are working with an earlier SAPUI5 release, also consider checking out the most recent guideline version to get the latest general guidance.