Updated: September 25, 2017

Chart – Number and Time Format


All numbers and time information must comply with the user’s locale settings. For this purpose, you must use the following:


All numbers must comply with the user’s locale setting. Numbers can be visible in the following areas:
  • Value axis
  • Plot area (value labels that are displayed close to the data points)
  • Popover
  • Tooltip
  • Value-based legend
  • Legend for the bubble size


All dates and times must comply with the user’s locale setting. Dates and times can be visible in the following areas:

  • Time axis
  • Categorical axis (if you use standard categories for dates or times)
  • Popover
  • Tooltip

Developer Hint

In order to use UI5 formats in the chart, you must use the sap.viz.ui5.format.ChartFormatter. Just add the 2 lines:

  • var formatterInstance = sap.viz.ui5.format.ChartFormatter.getInstance();
  • sap.viz.ui5.api.env.Format.numericFormatter(formatterInstance);

The ChartFormatter comes with some predefined UI5 patterns listed in “sap.viz.ui5.format.ChartFormatter.DefaultPattern”. Therefore you can use them directly. They will be correctly localized.

Nevertheless, if you need a format pattern than is not in the list, you need to create your own pattern and register it by using registerCustomFormatter.


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