Updated: June 18, 2018

Object List Item

sap.m.ObjectListItem | sap.m.List


The object list item is mainly used in the master list of SAP Fiori apps, where it primarily offers a quick overview of an object within a list. The text sizes are limited (before the text truncates) and object list items usually allow the user to navigate to the details of an object. Therefore, the object list item should only contain essential information that is necessary for the user to identify which object to work on first. Long descriptive texts should be avoided.


The title wraps once and truncates after two lines. The key attribute also truncates if it does not have enough space. Apps therefore need to use formatters, for example, to transform 1,659,963,900.42 into 1.7 B. (Note that this transformation is language-specific.)

Status texts (on the right) and object attributes (on the left) do not wrap, but only truncate. Status texts can have a semantic color (to reflect the state) and an optional icon. The object attributes are placed next to the status texts. If they do not have a neighboring status text, they use the full width available for the list item.


The object list item provides the following optional data:

  • Title of the object instance, which acts as the main identifier (title)
  • Key attribute (number) + unit (numberUnit)
  • Object status (sap.m.ObjectStatus)
  • List of object attributes (sap.m.ObjectAttribute)
  • Introductory text indicating the origin of the object, such as Forwarded by… or On Behalf of… (intro)
  • Icon that identifies the object (icon)

The first status line can contain indicator icons for locked items, favorites, or items that have been flagged for follow-up.

Object list item examples (with attributes, status, locking, flag, and favorites)
Object list item examples (with attributes, status, locking, flag, and favorites)

Behavior and Interaction

List item behavior and interaction is similar for all list item variants and is therefore described in the list overview article.


  • An icon in front of the title requires a lot of space. Ensure there is sufficient space available if you are planning to use one.
  • This control can only throw one event. Therefore, object list items cannot contain an additional link.
  • Display the date  within the title in the long format and within the attributes in the medium format.


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