Updated: May 23, 2017

Micro Chart

sap.suite.ui.microchart.BulletChart | sap.suite.ui.microchart.ColumnMicroChart | sap.suite.ui.microchart.ComparisonChart


Micro charts help you visualize a small number of data points in a small, non-interactive way. They can be embedded in tiles, SAP Smart Business drilldowns, and any SAPUI5 container (such as SAPUI5 tables).


Use the micro chart if:

  • You want to provide tracking at a glance.
  • You want to display change in the data in a easy and condensed way.

Do not use the micro chart if:

  • You are looking for interactive analytics. Use the analytical card instead.
  • You want to display data in an extensive way.


All micro charts are fully responsive.


There are different types of micro charts currently available:

Behavior and Interaction

Clicking/Tapping (Optional)

The charts include one behavior or interaction: a click event that can be switched on or off.


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