Updated: April 21, 2017

App Finder


The app finder allows you to browse all SAP Fiori, SAP GUI, and Web Dynpro ABAP apps in one place. It is available whenever you edit the home page, or open the Me Area.

The app finder serves two purposes:

  • Discover apps and add them to the home page
  • Launch less frequently-used apps directly

It is divided into three content areas: Catalog, User Menu, and SAP Menu:

  • The Catalog area contains all the SAP Fiori apps. 
  • The User Menu and SAP Menu areas give users access to the SAP GUI and Web Dynpro ABAP applications that appear in the corresponding menus in the back end. Together, the two backend menus are also known as the “SAP Easy Access menu”.
App finder
App finder

The app finder is provided by the SAP Fiori launchpadApps use this app finder and do not have their own individual designs.


The app finder is fully responsive and adaptive.

On size S, the width of the app box adapts to fit the screen size.

The SAP Easy Access menu (User Menu and SAP Menu) is not available on smartphones and tablets.

App finder - Size S (smartphone)
App finder - Size S (smartphone)
App finder - Size M (tablet)
App finder - Size M (tablet)
App finder - Size L (desktop)
App finder - Size L (desktop)

On smaller screens, the left panel disappears and a menu icon appears instead. Clicking or tapping the menu icon brings back the panel and provides access to the catalogs and menu folders (see image App Finder – Responsiveness).

App finder - Responsiveness
App finder - Responsiveness



The content is organized into catalog groups.

User Menu / SAP Menu

The content is organized into hierarchical menu folders.

Side Panel

The side panel helps the user to see all the apps for a given catalog or menu folder.


The app finder contains all the tiles the user is allowed to see. In addition, the SAP Menu provides access to all the functions offered by an SAP system. The content of the SAP Menu is independent of the user role, and is therefore the same for all users.

The interaction for adding apps from the app finder to the home page depends on the source of the app (Catalog, User Menu, or SAP Menu).

Behavior and Interaction

Each tile offers two actions:

1) Clicking or tapping the tile takes the user to the app or page connected to this tile, as on the home page.

2) The pin allows the user to add a tile to a group on the home page.

Adding Tiles to the Home Page


Clicking or tapping the pin icon button  opens the Add to Groups popover, where the user can select one or more home page groups. The user can also remove the app from the home page by unchecking it in the popover, or add the app to a new group.

When the user clicks OK, a confirmation message appears and the tile is added to the selected group or groups on the home page. The pin behaves like a toggle. If the tile is shown on the home page, the pin is emphasized.

User Menu / SAP Menu

Clicking or tapping the pin icon button  opens the Add to Groups popover, where the user can select one home page group and add the app. The user can repeat this process several times. However, for technical reasons, the app finder cannot be used to remove apps from the home page.

Elements and Controls


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