Updated: November 11, 2016



Unlike images of icons, the icon font is fully customizable with CSS. Therefore, different themes can be applied.

Customizable icons
Customizable icons

SAP Icon Font

More than 500 scalable pictograms are available in SAP’s illustrative style. The icons are tailored for simple and direct user interaction, using metaphors that are easy to understand. Each icon has been hand-crafted, hand-hinted, and aligned. The hinting process ensures that the icons always look crisp and clear, regardless of the screen resolution.

The icons are essentially vector graphics. They can be resized easily without compromising their appearance. Using custom unicode character mapping, the SAP icon font is also regularly reviewed and updated to meet the standards of SAP Fiori apps. And naturally, the icon font is compatible with all browsers and platforms.

Customizable icons
Customizable icons


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Icons in SAP Fiori are provided by the SAP icon font. You can download it here and find further information.


This is a tool provided by SAPUI5 that allows you to search and browse the icon font by categories.