In the Deliver stage, you will monitor and maintain your digital assistant to ensure that your user experience is consistent and enjoyable.

Review Logs

In the deliver stage, you’ll review your conversation logs from the test stage.

  1. Review conversation logs between the digital assistant and users in SAP CAI. Analyze if your digital assistant understands user requests and responds correctly. Find out more about Conversation Logs on the SAP Help Portal.
  2. Create about 50-60 more expressions per intent. This helps enhance the quality and accuracy of your digital assistant’s responses and improves the conversational experience.
  3. Review logs to enhance the dialog and address how to handle errors in the real environment.


  • Review conversation logs for improvements
  • Create 50-60 expressions per intent
  • Provide creative error handling

SAP CAI Platform

SAP Conversational AI (SAP CAI) is an end-to-end digital assistant (chatbot) building platform that manages business tasks by deploying powerful conversational AI interfaces. It lets you train, build, connect, test, and monitor enterprise digital assistants.

  1. Build your digital assistant on the SAP Conversational AI platform.
  2. Test the digital assistant with colleagues at your company and ask them for feedback.
  3. Review logs to enhance the dialog based on user feedback on expectations, frustrations, and what needs change.


  • Create a prototype on the SAP CAI Platform
  • Get initial feedback from testers
  • Refine digital asssitant dialog