Before you start building your conversational experience, it is important answer some important questions based on your primary use case. Conversational design doesn’t work for all use cases. Go through the checklist and decide if it’s right for your use case.

CxD Checklist

This CxD Checklist helps you assess if conversational design is a good fit for your use case. Follow the instructions in the checklist and go through the the checklist groups with your team to ensure that conversational design is a good fit for your use case.

There are four checklist groups. Work through one checklist group at a time.

  • Frequency/Volume
  • Simplification
  • User Acceptance
  • Technical
Simplify Repetitive Tasks
Simplify Repetitive Tasks


Does the user frequently perform this task?

   Does the use case support more than 30–40% of the users’ daily work?

   Would users frequently perform the use case task using the digital assistant?


Can users complete their task with a simplified, efficient interaction flow?

    Can users complete the task in 3-5 conversational turns?

    If the tasks has more than 3-5 turns, the use case might be too broad or complex for conversational UX.

    Can the user goal be clearly identified and translated into a clear start and finish?

    Can conversation help users find what they need on their own?  Will the conversation allow users to navigate through fewer apps to achieve their goal?

    Can you collect and present hard-to-retrieve information to the user in a conversational flow?

    Will conversation automate tedious manual tasks and reduce the number of steps?

Simplify Task Steps
Simplify Task Steps

User Acceptance

Can you reduce the navigation to various information into a single experience?

    Is the user likely to accept the chatbot in their workflow?
    Would users be able to multitask in this use case?
    Is the user in a setting that requires divided attention?
Reduce User Effort
Reduce User Effort


Is this use case technically feasible?

    Are the necessary back-end datasets available for integration to meet user needs?

    Do the necessary datasets have properties that the user can easily reference?

    Will the use case need additional SAP CAI Platform features or does it use what is available? If not available, is it planned as part of the roadmap and expected delivery date?

    Are there significant technical restrictions?

Flexible Conversations
Flexible Conversations

CxD Checklist

    Download the complete CxD Checklist.