In the Discover stage you will define your personas, challenges, pain points, user interviews, and getting an understanding of who your users are and what they need.

Assess Users

To assess potential users and create a primary use case:

  • Think of some potential users and use cases. What tasks do users have and how can you help them accomplish their tasks?
  • Use the CxD Checklist to help you decide if conversational design is the best choice for your use case.


In the Discover stage, you should:

  • Validate your use case
  • Define your scope
  • Map the user journey
  • Create personas


Define Scope

To define the scope for your use case:

  1. Gather research to help define the scope of your use case and your users. Who are your users and how will they phrase their questions (expressions) to your digital assistant?
  2. Create intents and upload responses to the SAP Conversational AI platform.

Create User Persona

To create a user persona:

Map the user journey. Where are the start and end points of your user’s experience?

Review Bot Persona

To review the digital assistant persona:

Create a persona that defines how users will interact with your digital assistant. What can trigger users to access your digital assistant? Use the SAP Digital Assistant Persona and the CxD Personality Framework guidelines to help with this step.

Next Step