Conversational design is a design language based on human conversation and translates it into an interaction with the computer through voice, chat, audio, visual design, and more. Conversational design combines multiple areas like linguistics, psychology, and interaction design.

Good Conversation

The most important aspect of a good conversation between two people is understanding each other, finding common ground, actively listening, and of course, trust. Conversational design shares many of these aspects.

People don’t talk to a digital assistant the same way they talk to their friends. They know these conversations are interactions with artificial intelligence personalities. Most conversations with digital assistants are about transactional tasks where users need information or to perform a task.

Benefits to Users

A successful conversation between a human and digital assistant gives users:

  • information they need to complete a task easily and quickly.
  • faster response times than typical customer support.
  • a feeling of understanding, engagement, and trust.
  • expanded accessibility to all users.
  • an enjoyable experience.