Updated: September 20, 2016

Context Menu


The context menu (also known as right-click menu) opens by right-clicking content. It lists all available actions and navigation points relevant to that content.

Please contact us before adding any menu, sub-menu, or menu entry  to SAP Web IDE.


  • Make sure that every action or navigation point available from the context menu is also available in main menu.
  • Only include frequently-used functions.
  • Place similar functions next to each other.
  • Use separators to group menu entries with similar functions.
  • Keep menu entries names as short as possible.
  • Provide a hotkey if possible.
  • Avoid using sub-menus unnecessarily.
  • Only use icons in menu items when the actions are commonly used and the icons are standard and well known.
  • When adding a menu entry for creating a new object, add the menu entry at the bottom of the ‘New’ sub-menu and use the object’s name. For example, New > Project from Template; New > File).

Use SAP title case style capitalization for menu entries.


  • Don’t add a new menu, sub-menu, or menu entry before contacting us.
  • Don’t exceed 20 menu entries.
  • Don’t exceed 10 sub-menu entries.
  • Don’t use the same name for two different menu entries.
  • Don’t use the same icon for two different actions.
  • Don’t use an image as icon.
  • Don’t use ellipsis (…).
  • Don’t use punctuation.
  • Don’t show sub-menus when all none of its actions can be performed or when it’s empty.