Updated: September 25, 2016



A label is the name or title of a control or a group of related controls. It informs the user about which data is displayed or expected to be entered in the control by the user.


  • Set the property required to indicate that a field is mandatory. This will automatically add an asterisk (*) to the field.
  • Locate the label to the left of the control, except for in narrow windows, such as the Properties and Events panes in the Layout Editor, and the Git pane.


  • For accessibility reasons, don’t replace a field’s label with placeholder text inside the field.
  • When using a label in forms, don’t add a colon. The colon is added automatically.
  • Don’t use bold for labels.
  • Don’t add an asterisk (*) manually in the label text of mandatory fields; use the corresponding property in the API.
  • Don’t use a label control as an alternative for the text control. For example, when developing a form with read-only fields, don’t use a label control to display the value of the read-only fields.