Updated: September 15, 2016

Date Range Selection


The date range selection is a single-field control that lets users pick a range of dates from a calendar or enter a date range. The calendar provides users a day view, month view, or year view, so users can navigate between months and years.


  • Use this control if the user needs to enter a range of dates.
  • By default display a label, unless the date range selection control is next to another control that already has a label.
  • If the control is used in a table cell or a narrow form, then use the short date format. For example, in US English: 1/16/22.
  • If there are no space limitations, then use the medium format. For example, in US English: January 16, 2022.
  • If you need to display the weekday, use the full format. For example, in US English: Sunday, January 16, 2022.
  • If you need to show a warning or error message related to this field, use the relevant state in the API properties.


  • Don’t use this control if you want users to select a single date. In this case use the date picker control
  • Don’t use this control if the date range includes a specific time on a given day. In this case, use two time picker controls with a single label.