Updated: September 20, 2016



A link, also known as a hyperlink, is a clickable text element. The link control is used for navigation.


  • Make sure the link opens the target.
  • If a link isn’t working, remove it.
  • Wrap link text if needed.
  • Use a meaningful link text that indicates what will happen or what the user will see after clicking the link.
  • When a link is integrated in a sentence with other non-clickable text, make sure that the font and size of the link is the same as the other text (usually 12px/1rem).
  • In More Information links that navigate the user to see more information, make sure that the link size is smaller than other description text.


  • Don’t provide broken links.
  • Don’t disable links.
  • Don’t use links to trigger actions.
  • Don’t emphasize a link.
  • Don’t truncate a link, even if it’s long.