Updated: September 15, 2016



The switch control mimics a physical switch that allows users to turn things on or off. It can also be used to enable users to switch between two states. The options the user switches between are displayed inside the control.

Default switch  or  Default switch with custom label


  • Use the switch control if you need to emphasize On/Off characteristics within a dialog box or table cell.
  • Use the switch control if you need to clearly show the mode or state of a setting.
  • If ON/OFF aren’t appropriate options, then give the options  a short name (3–4 characters) and make sure the names represent binary opposites. For example, Show/Hide for view settings.


  • Don’t use the switch control if the user needs to choose several options. In this case consider using the checkbox control or the multi combo box control.
  • Don’t replace the ON/OFF  option names with other option names, unless there are more appropriate short names.