Updated: February 28, 2019
Latest Version 1.70

SAP CoPilot


CoPilot as a Conversational Product

SAP CoPilot is an enterprise digital assistant that integrates with business applications across the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Suite. The user can simply converse with CoPilot, by voice or text prompts, to get work done across applications.

We are used to interact with graphical user interfaces to accomplish tasks. However, over time, as the amount of functions and data increase, the interface can become crowded and busy, and requires interactions with too many steps. As a result, we often spend too much time learning about the system behavior and how to use it.

The goal of SAP CoPilot is to create a natural interaction between the human and system, specifically with enterprise system. CoPilot enables users to get their work done with one intuitive conversational interface across all SAP applications and beyond.


CoPilot is open and extensible. You can use SAP Skill Builder, bots, agents, and APIs to add skills tailored to your users. Consider some of the features of CoPilot when you add skills to it:

Have a simple conversation

SAP CoPilot’s multi-modality allows users to interact with it via voice, text, or visual components on the screen. Powered by SAP CAI technology, CoPilot provides a humanized interaction and thus a conversational experience for the user.


It understands your business context

Context is key for meaningful and natural conversation. CoPilot considers your role, goal, and business situation and proactively suggests solutions. When designing a skill for CoPilot, it is crucial to not only consider the conversational flow, but also consider the context so to enhance the conversation.


It learns from your preferences

As a planned innovation, CoPilot will use machine learning functionality to gain knowledge based on historic data and experience. With such previous knowledge of the user, CoPilot can learn from and even more proactively prompt relevant business actions.


It works across applications

With one personality and one memory, CoPilot works across multiple SAP and non-SAP applications. It consolidates these applications in one place and interface and works across multiple devices, whether on mobile or desktop. Thus, CoPilot enables you to get your work done without leaving where you work. Maintaining a consistent personality in all situations helps build users’ trust with CoPilot.


It can be extended even more

CoPilot is open and extensible. Anyone can use the SAP CoPilot Skill Builder to extend CoPilot with additional skills through bots, agents, and APIs. Users can also use SAP CAI to build bots and plug into CoPilot, and expose CoPilot as a whole to external channels.

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