A footer is a section that displays a description, label, or button(s). There are 4 types of footer variations in SAP Fiori for Android.


A. Persistent Footer with Button(s)

Indicate the Primary Action

When one or more actions are presented, indicate the primary action by placing it in a contained button. The secondary action should be shown as a text button

  • Primary action: Contained button
  • Secondary action: Text button

Separate Opposing Actions

When using two buttons that give opposite options to users, the two buttons are placed on the left and right of the footer to emphasize the different opposite actions, for example “Agree” and “Disagree”.

List Actions

When using two buttons that give no primary action, they are placed next to each other using a text button.

B. Attribute

The attribute footer functions like a text button. It contains a text label and its attribute.

C. Title

The title footer is a read-only component that displays simple text. It is embedded in a cell and aligned with a keyline.

D. Helper Text

The helper text footer is for displaying a simple sentence that is read-only. It is not part of the cell but blends in with table background.

Footers are not shipped with the SDK yet, but will be implemented in the future.