Updated: January 16, 2023

SAP Fiori Design Stencils


Design stencils are ready-to-use, high-fidelity drafts of SAP Fiori UI components. You can use them to visualize SAP Fiori apps and to get a realistic impression of your final design.

Stencil sets are available for Figma, Sketch, Axure RP, and Adobe XD.

Design stencils are high-definition mock-ups and do not represent the exact visual design specifications.

What’s in the Stencil Set?

The SAP Fiori design stencils include:

  • Patterns for foundation topics, such as shadow levels, grid, colors, and more
  • Page types (floorplans)
  • Controls
  • Helper tools, such as rem squares or px spacings to build your app according to the current specifications and implementations. We’ve also included interaction tools, such as like cursors and touch visualizations.

The following stencil sizes are available for your mockups:

  • S (414 px)
  • M (600 px and 834 px)
  • L (1024 px)
  • XL (1440 px)

In addition, each stencil set includes download files for:

  • Font 72, the standard typeface for SAP Fiori apps
  • The standard SAP icon font and the SAP Business Suite icon font

Download Stencils

You can download stencil packages for your preferred tool (Figma, Sketch, Axure RP, or Adobe XD).

For download and installation instructions, see the pages below for each tool.

Design Stencils for Figma | up to version 1.106

Design Stencils for Sketch | up to version 1.90

Design Stencils for Axure RP | up to version 1.90

Design Stencils for Adobe XD | up to version 1.90

The design stencils for Sketch, Axure RP, and Adobe XD are no longer being updated. For the latest stencils, see the SAP Fiori stencil set for Figma.
If you want to stay with Sketch, Axure RP, or Adobe XD, check out how to use Figma stencils with other design tools.
The existing stencil files will remain available.

Download Font 72

Font 72 is SAP’s proprietary typeface and is the standard typeface for SAP Fiori apps. You can download the font separately here or download one of the tool-based stencil sets above, which all include the font.


  1. Download the desktop and web font families.
  2. Unpack the ZIP files 72_Desktop / 72_Web 72Mono_desktop 72Mono_webfonts.
  3. Double-click each .ttf file and click Install.

The 72 font download is made available under the Apache 2.0 license.

Download Icon Font

SAP Icon Font

To use the stencils, you need to install the standard SAP icon font. You’ll also need to install this font locally if you want to display SAP Fiori icons in other applications, such as PowerPoint. For more information about the SAP icon font, see the Iconography guidelines for the Quartz and Horizon themes.

SAP Icon Font Versions

Separate icon font versions are available for the Quartz theme (version 4.14) and the Horizon theme (version 5.02). Both overwrite the standard sap-icons font file.

If you need to work with both icon fonts in parallel, you can use the version 4 preview (instead of version 4.14) to install the Quartz icon font alongside the Horizon icon font. The icons are then stored in separate font files:

  • Horizon icon font:sap-icons.ttf
  • Quartz icon font: SAP-icons-v4-preview.ttf


    1. Depending on your operating system, we recommend uninstalling any previous SAP icon font version and rebooting your system before installing the latest icon font.
    2. Download and install the icon font version(s) you need:
      a) Unpack the ZIP file sap-icons… .zip.
      b) Double-click the SAP-icons… .ttf file and click Install.

SAP Business Suite Icon Font (Optional)

In some application areas, you may also need to use the SAP Business Suite Icon Font (BusinessSuiteInAppSymbols). This icon font contains application-specific icons primarily used in SAP S/4HANA apps.

Separate icon font versions are available for the Quartz theme (version 1.079) and the Horizon theme (version 2.079). Both overwrite the standard BusinessSuiteInAppSymbolsfont file.

Important: To use the SAP Business Suite icon font in your app, it must be registered as a custom font in sap.ui.core.IconPool.


  1. Download and unpack the ZIP file BusinessSuiteInAppSymbols_...zip.
  2. Install the SAP Business Suite icon font: Double-click the BusinessSuiteInAppSymbols.ttf file and click Install.

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