Updated: May 29, 2018

Action Sheet


An action sheet provides users with a set of alternative choices for the task they have just selected. Action sheets can be used to provide a selection of ways to complete a task or to get confirmation before completing a task.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

To learn more about using the action sheet,
see the iOS Human Interface Guidelines by Apple, Inc.

Standard action sheet
Standard action sheet



  • Always provide a Cancel button to enable the user to close the dialog without triggering an action on compact view
  • Use the default overlay background
  • Assign the most important or common action to the top button.


  • Use scrolling in action sheets.
  • Use only icons in the action sheet.

Compact & Regular

Action sheet behaves differently on compact width and regular width. On compact width, the action sheet slides up from the bottom with a gray overlay. On regular width, action sheet appears as a popover right where it’s called.