Updated: August 31, 2021

Updates in 6.1

This article provides an overview of the topics that have been added or changed, based on the SAP Business Technology Platform SDK for iOS version 6.1

What’s New


Introducing ARKit Integration

We introduce augmented reality experiences as part of our design language. The AR Annotation pattern allows users to explore, view, and interact with the information around them.

AR Scanner

Introducing AR Scanner pattern that allows users to initiate augmented reality experiences. Go to AR Scanner

AR Annotations

Introducing AR Annotations pattern that allows users to explore objects in a facility to enhance the user experience by leveraging augmented reality. Go to AR Annotations


Introducing iPad Sidebar that provides app-level navigation and quick access to end-users pinned contents. Go to Sidebar

In-line Signature Form Cell

Now Signature Capture has a new variant that seamlessly integrates into a form. This new form cell allows users to see the content of the form while signing. Go to In-line Signature Form Cell

Rich Text Document

Introducing a style guide for text-heavy documents, such as end-user licensing agreements (EULA), privacy policies, or terms and conditions. Go to Rich Text Document Guide


Introducing Widgets that allow users to view key information in a glanceable format on user’s iPhones. Go to Widgets




Data Table Enhancement

Introducing 2-axis scrolling with sticky column and header. The data table component now supports selection mode and bulk actions.

Single-user Onboarding

Specifications for customizable onboarding screens are updated. The welcome, choose passcode, and enter passcode screens are customizable to show more identity of the app to the users.

Info View

Updates to the styling of existing Info View component, padding aligned with the What’s New component.



Design Stencil in Figma (Beta)

Introducing an all-new design stencil in Figma