Updated: November 23, 2023

UI Kit 10.0


This Figma UI Kit contains SAP Fiori for iOS UI components, patterns, page types, and foundation. It helps accelerate design and development processes and encourages consistency across SAP applications.

Download the 72 font: Desktop | Web

Download the San Francisco font here.

Download SF Symbols here.

What’s New in UI Kit


New Design Token Color Variables: implemented across Light, Dark and Increase Contrast (Light & Dark) modes, aligned with Android

Updated Iconography: using SAP Fiori custom symbol library


New: Cards and card system, Key Value Table View Cell

Updated: Buttons, Filter Feedback Bar, Form Cells (disabled states, error handling, inline validation), Attachment Form Cell, Stepper Form Cell, Illustrated Message enhancement, Modals, Navigation Bar, Toolbar


New: List Picker, Skeleton Loading

SAP Fiori for iOS 10.0
SAP Fiori for iOS 10.0


SAP Fiori for iOS 10.0 (Figma Library)