Updated: June 10, 2019

Filter Form Cell


A filter form cell control is used to filter one or more values under a filter category. It is commonly used in the filter pattern for sorting and grouping.

Avoid using a filter form cell if the text is too long or if the number of values is more than 8. Use the list picker control for easier interaction.


A filter form cell includes:

A. Category name
To describe the data range or function.

B. Buttons
Buttons have a normal and highlighted state to show a selection.


Single Selection

Single selection is used to filter by one value under a category.


Multi-selection is used to select multiple values within a category.

Behavior & Interaction

To select a value, the user taps on a button that becomes highlighted to indicate it as a selection. In the case of multiple selection, the user can tap on additional buttons. To deselect a selected value, the user taps again on the selection.


In regular width, filter form cells are displayed inside a popover modal.