Updated: May 12, 2023



The right choice of colors is an important aspect that should be considered in watch apps. It communicates the meaning and relationship of content, providing users with guidance to help them complete their tasks.

Horizon Reference Colors

The color palette for SAP Fiori for watchOS is based on the color parameters from the Horizon visual theme. The colors displayed below are the main reference colors.

Horizon color palette
Horizon color palette

Color Palette

Compared to mobile apps, colors in watch apps are generally brighter and less saturated.  Additionally, watch apps are only available in dark mode to save battery life and accommodate different light conditions, like lower light or direct sunlight.

We recommend using the dedicated color palette to provide optimal readability and accessibility for users – which is even more important in critical situations due to the smaller screen size and rather short looks at glanceable content on watches.

Core Colors

The current color palette is derived from the main control parameters from the Horizon theme. The following table shows the main reference colors for SAP Fiori for watchOS apps.

Color Value Name Usage
#000000 Primary Background Watch background or label color for tint buttons
#F2F4FC; 14% Transparency Secondary Background Background color for cards or actions
#F2F4FC; 20% Transparency Tertiary Background Background color for secondary buttons next to a primary button
#222223 Quaternary Background Background for opaque buttons or cards
#F5F6F7 Primary Label Titles or primary text content
#D5DADD Secondary Label Subtitles, secondary text content or section header text
#A9B4BE Tertiary Label Footer text, status, tertiary text content or placeholder text
#8396A8 Quaternary Label Symbols or icons
#89D1FF Tint Tappable elements
#4DB1FF Tint Tap State Tap state of tappable elements
#FF5C77 Negative Label Negative or destructive actions or labels
#EE3939 Negative Label Tap State Negative or destructive actions in tap state
#FFC933 Critical Label Attention needed elements or labels
#FFB300 Critical Label Tap State Attention needed elements in tap state
#BDE986 Positive Label Positive priority elements or labels
#5DC122 Positive Label Tap State Positive priority elements in tap state
#5B738B, 50% Transparency Separator Non-interactive element, decorative elements, separators, hairlines or divider lines
#8396A8 Separator (Opaque) Higher contrast border or text field borders

Accent Colors

Accent colors are used to emphasize key parts of the UI or to highlight information. The following table shows the main accent colors for SAP Fiori for watchOS apps.

Color Value Name
#FFC933 Mango
#FF5C77 Red
#B894FF Indigo
#4DB1FF Blue
#64EDD2 Teal
#BDE986 Green
#FF8AF0 Pink
#FEADC8 Raspberry
#A9B4BE Grey


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