Updated: January 15, 2024

Object Header



The object header provides a quick view of the most important or most frequently used information about one instance of an object. It connects to the status bar and the navigation bar via a seamless background, and is visually separated from the content area below. To provide high level summary of the object on the screen, the information in the object header should be clear and concise.

Object header on compact (left) and on regular (right)
Object header on compact (left) and on regular (right)



Object headers provide a snapshot of the object detail. Be cautious not to overload object headers with extraneous information.




The object header is comprised of several pieces of information about the object. The title is the only required piece in the object header.

A. Thumbnail

Thumbnail display a product image, an avatar, logo, or icon to help the user visually identify the object. 

B. Main Content

Main content includes the title and the subtitle.

C. Tags

Tags display complementary information that relates to the object. They use a different visual representation than plain text, and function as independent bits of information. 

D. Right Accessory

Right accessory section displays status of the object or an important KPI.

E. Label Items

Label items display important information such as location, date, and time details that can be consumed quickly. A label item can be text only or combined with an image.

F. Description

A description provides the user with more details about the object. It should only be used when it provides the user with valuable information.

G. Page Control

When a chart is placed on the other page of the header, a page control is added to allow the user to navigate between the two pages by swiping.

H. Header Chart

A chart allows the user to quickly understand relevant trend or status information. 

Object header anatomy compact layout
Object header anatomy compact layout
Object header anatomy regular layout
Object header anatomy regular layout



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