Updated: March 20, 2023



Iconography is essential to creating a cohesive and enjoyable app experience. Icons play a crucial role in communicating actions, information, feedback, and navigation.
By providing a comprehensive icon library, our goal is to enhance the accessibility and overall ease of use of our customers’ apps.

SAP icons have been redesigned for the Horizon visual theme with a fresh, friendly, and bold style. The new icons maintain consistency of size, stroke, and visual balance and are tailored for simple and direct user interaction, using metaphors that are easy to understand in an enterprise setting.

SAP Fiori for iOS icons in light and dark mode
SAP Fiori for iOS icons in light and dark mode


  • Use the SAP icon library.
  • Use icons to efficiently communicate important actions to users.
  • Use icons to indicate navigation actions to other screens.
  • Don’t use third party icons.
  • Don’t place icons too close together.
  • Don’t place icons with half pixel increments.
  • Don’t use light-colored icons against light backgrounds.

Design Language

The SAP icon library communicates the following SAP Design principles:

  • Simple 
  • Fresh 
  • Neutral
  • Modern 

SAP Fiori Custom Symbols

300 of the most important and most used SAP icons are available as SAP Custom Symbols and part of the SDK.

SAP Fiori Custom Symbols
SAP Fiori Custom Symbols


SAP UI Icons: Icon Library

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