Updated: May 29, 2018

What’s New for Version 2.0 SP02?

This article provides an overview of the topics that have been added or changed based on the controls available in SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS version 2.0 SP02.


Visual Design


A new color has been added to the palette: Primary 9 (#F9F9F9).


Collection View

The content of the article has been updated:

  • We have added a reference guide to help with selecting the number of Collection Cells to display in Horizontal Fit and Vertical Collection Views.
  • The Horizontal Scroll Collection View padding has been defined as fixed at 16px.
  • Empty states of the Collection View have been added.
  • More information and examples of Collection Cell have been added.
  • Details on the multi-column grid layout have been moved from the Collection View article to the Preview Table View article.

Object Header

We have updated the article with guidance on how best to align content between an object cell and an object header.


Text Input

We have added Text Field with Label to this article, as well as guidelines about indicating required/optional fields.

Search to Select

New Article! Search to select is a control used to search and select multiple values from a large list. This article provides information about its structure and behavior.

Patterns & Frameworks

Error Handling

A close button is a new action that has been added to the Error banner.


The Sync banner provides a new visual design that displays a solid bar and a close button.


The visual design of local search has been updated to match iOS 11.


SAP Fiori for iOS UI Kits

We have updated the UI kits with new components and enhancements for this release, including Collection View, Text Field with Label, Search to Select, and more.