Updated: January 27, 2018

What’s New in SDK for iOS version 2.0?

This article provides an overview of the topics that have been added or changed. The content is based on the controls available in SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS version 2.0.

Visual Design


Updated Images – Iconography has been updated with cohesive and proper images for intro, launch icons, system icons, and app icons.

Sections Added – The following sections have been added:  Design language, SAP Fiori for iOS icons, KPI icons, doctype icons, map icons, indicators, icon requests, and resources.

Icon Library Added – The SAP Fiori for iOS icon library can now be downloaded in the resources section.



New article! The Map floorplan is used to display business objects in the context of a geo map. It can also be used to show points of interest, optimized routing based on business criteria, and other quantitative location-based data.



KPI Header is now available in the SDK. Includes KPIs and chart KPIs in the header to allow users to easily keep track of important information during the day.

Profile Header is now available in the SDK. Users will be able to contact a person directly or perform an action from the header.


The Chart KPI has been added as a new type. It shows a visual representation of progress of an object, and is available in Small and Large sizes.

Timeline Preview

The timeline preview is now available. It allows the user to get a glimpse of what is coming up on their timeline.



New article! Attachment is a control found at the end of a create screen that allows users to upload files or images stored locally on their devices.

Patterns & Frameworks

Filter Feedback

Filter feedback is a horizontal bar that appears above a list of content and provides interactive buttons to communicate to the user which filters have been applied to the list. It also allows users to quickly select between frequently-used filters.


New offline banners with actions are now available. The sync banner allows the user to ‘Cancel Sync’.


Onboarding now supports more services to initiate the onboarding process. The launch screen has variations to support MDM/hardcoded configurations, QR code scanning, Discovery service, and Activation links.

For Authentication, the recommended flow is now Touch ID with Device passcode as fallback. If needed, app passcode can still be used as fallback to Touch ID.

Screens have been updated to reflect the new SAP Fiori for iOS tint colors.


Updated the animations.