Updated: November 25, 2020

What’s New



The what’s new component shows users the updates to your application. It can also be used for announcing the news, bug fixes, etc.


Users can use the what’s new component to view updates to your application in two ways.
Popup Modal:
The component can be shown as a pop-up modal after the user logs in.
From Profile:

The component can be found in the profile page menu list.


The page view with image includes three existing components: stacked modal, button, and page indicator.

A.  Stacked Modal

The stacked modal navigation bar includes the title and a “Close” button for users to exit the modal.


B.  Content

• Image: Optional, however using eye-catching images to show visualized features is recommended.
• Title: Use a clear and concise title to provide users an overview of the feature.
• Description: Explain your feature briefly. The content section is scrollable if the description is too long.


C.  Call-To-Action Buttons

• “Next”: Use the “Next” button for the first or middle pages in the multiple page view.
• “Start”: Use the “Start” button for the last page in the multiple page view of or on the single page view.
• From Profile: Don’t use Call-To-Action Button when you open What’s New from the profile page.


D.  Page Indicator

The page indicator is used to show the progress of the wizard when there are multiple pages.


The what’s new component includes a list view design and page view design. Both include ‘with image’ and ‘no image’ options. We recommend a short user flow with images.

Choose list view if:

  • have 3 – 6 updates to be announced
  • want users to spend less time reading each update
  • have a short description and/or small images

Choose page view if:

  • have 1 – 4 updates to be announced
  • have a long description and/or big images
  • want users to spend more time reading each update

Behaviors & Interactions

In the page view, when you tap “Next”, the next page in the wizard will be presented by a push transition; you can also swipe left or right to navigate through pages; when you tap “Start” or “Close”, the modal will be closed.


The what’s new component supports both compact and regular sizes. The SDK also supports landscape views for both compact and regular sizes.


The landscape specs of the compact view are the same as the regular specs.

List View with Image

Page View with Image