Updated: September 26, 2018

What’s New for Version 3.0 SP0?

This article provides an overview of the topics that have been added or changed based on the controls available in SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS version 3.0 SP0.




  • There is now an edit mode for the map view which allows users to edit the geometry of an existing business object, or create a new object (point, polyline or polygon).


Chart Types

New Chart Types: Stacked Column and Waterfall charts

  • The Stacked Column chart shows the over all total of a group as well as the different categories within the whole that make up the total.
  • A waterfall chart displays the cumulative effect of increases and decreases of a set of data.

Object Cell

The object cell icon stack has been updated to fix left alignment issues for content views. The icon stack will be anchored in the left margin of the object cell.

Calendar View

New Component! Calendar View provides a visual overview of a week, a month, or multiple months. This article addresses dos and don’ts, structure, types, interactions and behaviors.

Patterns & Frameworks


The attachment component has been updated to support documents uploaded from Files and will provide a thumbnail of the doc type with the file name.


SAP Fiori for iOS UI Stencils

We have updated the stencils with new components and enhancements for this release, including stacked column chart, waterfall chart, and calendar view.