Updated: May 21, 2018

KPI Header


The KPI header displays numerical data the user needs to keep track of during the day.



Use the KPI header within the overview floorplan.

Only include the most frequently-used or most important KPIs.


Do not include information in the KPI header that is repeated in the content area.



The KPI header is a container that includes multiple KPIs that are important to the user. There are several different ways to present KPI numbers — for additional guidance, see KPIs.


In regular width, you may include up to four KPIs in the header. If more numbers need to be displayed, consider placing them in the content area.


Only the large variation of the KPI progress view can be used in the KPI header. The KPI progress view will always be displayed first, followed by any other KPIs.



Given the limited horizontal space, the KPI header can hold a maximum of 3 KPIs in compact width. The actual number may be smaller, depending on the width of the individual KPIs.



In this example, the combined width of the three KPI numbers exceeds the available horizontal space in the container. Therefore, it is recommended to use multiple pages to display these KPIs.


Page controls allow multiple KPIs to be displayed in compact width without being crowded into one container.