Updated: May 21, 2019

OCR Scanner


The OCR scanner is used as an alternative way of input when the user is completing a form. The scanner recognizes and picks up specific text from an object or document, and enter it into the form for the user.



The OCR Scanner comes within a full-screen modal that includes a navigation bar, scan window, alignment guide.

A. Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is composed of a “Cancel” button, title, and the flash icon.

B. Scan Window

The scan window occupies the rest of the screen with a gray overlay.

C. Alignment Guide

The alignment guide provides guidance to the user when pointing the camera to text. It can be configured to the form of the object that the user is aligning to.


Behavior & Interaction

The interaction of the OCR Scanner consists of four steps.


The scanner is usually launched from tapping on the camera icon in a text field.


The scanner launches in a modal with a navigation bar and alignment box. The user may start aligning the object in the box.

Text Recognized

As soon as text is recognized by the scanner, a line of text appears as feedback to the user displaying what the scanner has picked up.


The scanner dismisses automatically and returns to the form with scanned text in the text field.



The alignment box can be configured to various sizes depending on the object the user is aligning to. If the user is looking for a specific line of text, one option is to provide a short alignment box for the user to select a single line of text only.