Updated: November 30, 2020

Collection View Cell


The collection view cell is an object within the collection view. It displays content with images to provide a more visual viewing experience.

For guidance on how a collection view cell can be used within the collection view, see Collection View.


A collection view cell consists of a mix of image views (A.) and text labels and is used to preview information about an object.

Because collection view cells are meant to be highly visual, you must include an image view.

Title (B.), Subtitle (C.), and Attribute (D.) labels are optional and may be used to display additional information.


Standard Image

The collection view cell has two fixed sizes when displaying the labels – 110px and 120px.

Standard Image Without Labels

When no labels are displayed, the size of the collection cell depends on the image view’s size, which must be between 60px x 60px and 110px x 110px. The image view can be circular or rectangular, but when using the rectangular version, keep in mind that its width cannot be smaller than its height.

Profile Image

When showing a collection of people, use the circular profile image. If no profile image is available, initials can be displayed by default.

Doctype Icons

Different types of documents can be displayed in the collection view. These doctype icons live within a rectangular image.

Icon Actions

For actions that can be easily represented in an icon form, the collection view cell allows for one or two actions. The number of actions used must be consistent across all collection view items.

Button Actions

For more complex actions, use a button action. When using a button action, only one action is allowed.

Behavior & Interaction

A single tap on a collection view cell will navigate to a detailed view of the object. For some cells, such as attachment, the navigation drills down to a preview of the attachment where it can be viewed larger and some quick actions like share or delete can be performed.