Updated: May 26, 2021

Updates in 6.0

This article provides an overview of the topics that have been added or changed, based on the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS version 6.0, and also previews of what’s coming in the next releases.


Improved Adaptivity

Adaptive Design has been updated to provide more detailed guidance on adaptability and general behaviors of components when they are present in different layouts. View Adaptive Design

New Color System

The new dark theme, derived from “Quartz Dark”, has been added to our design system. We improved overall color mapping and added a new layer of color parameters to enhance comprehension of color usage. View the new color system


Guidelines for creating App icons has been added. View the App Icon guidelines

SAP Fiori for iOS App Icons
SAP Fiori for iOS App Icons



“Floorplans” to “Page Types”

We call our Floorplans Page Types from now on.

“Controls” and “Views” are “UI Components”

Controls and Views are fundamental UI Elements in our design system. We restructured all components and classification hierarchy for a better understanding of our design language.


UI Components & Patterns

Data Table in Compact Width

Data Table generally transforms into an Object Cell in the compact width layout. Now, Data Table can be set to stay as a full grid table view in the compact width layout with a horizontal scroll. View Data Table

Logon Screen with Custom Logo

Logon Screen now can have an app’s own logo.

Multi-User Onboarding

A lot of times, a device is shared among multiple users. When that happens, switching users and re-authentication can be cumbersome. As a result, we introduced a new login screen to improve multiple-users onboarding scenarios. Read more on Multi-User Onboarding

New Chart Types

Stock Chart and Donut Chart are added. View Chart Types


Upcoming updates

Widget Pattern

Based on iOS 14, we will introduce a new Widget pattern. The pattern will include a guideline explaining how to create Widgets with our components and best practices.

All New iPadOS Page Types

We are introducing the iPadOS new navigation paradigm to every page type utilizing the new iPadOS sidebars.

Inline Signature Capture

We offer the alternative for the traditional overlay Signature Capture component. To improve security for signing, we are introducing the new in-context signature capture form cell.

Editable Data Table Cells

We are exploring design for better interactions in the Data Table Component, allowing direct manipulation inside the Data Table view. Now, the users will be able to edit the cell without transitioning to different pages.

Design Updates for Controls

We are updating the design of some Controls to enhance the natural comprehension of interactions.

New Inset Table View and Columns

We are introducing new visual treatment for Table View, allowing multiple columns in the process.